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Hey there! Are you looking to grab some really awesome slime? Look no further than Aussie Slime Co., your one-stop online slime shop in Australia.

At Aussie Slime Co., we take slime very seriously - but not too seriously! We've got a fantastic range of gooey slimes for sale, so come on over and find your perfect slime kit today!

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About Me

Hi! I am Tanvi from Melbourne, I would like to welcome you to my slime shop Aussie Slime coI am 12 years’ old but don’t hold that against me 😋. I love food and you would have noticed by now that most of my slimes are inspired by food. My Mum & I started making slimes just as a bonding exercise and we never knew it would get to this stage, where we would be making Custom Handcrafted Slimes which everyone loves so much! All our slimes are unique & most of the time inspiration comes from things around us. We work hard to ensure the packages are gorgeous and whoever is buying or gifting them is going to love it!

We love making Slimes and proudly all are slimes are tested by a professional slime tester,(Me😝) and only if I am happy you will get to play with it! So, when you buy a slime from my Australian Slime Shop, be rest assured you are going to love it 💖.

I make slimes of all kinds, you name it starting from Clear SlimeButter SlimeThick & Glossy SlimeClay Slime, Floam Slime. Seriously......Read More

Master the Art of Slime Making and Activator Creation

Welcome to the ultimate slime adventure! Dive into the enchanting world of slime making as we guide you through crafting two mesmerizing slime types and even creating your own activator at home.

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There's a slime for everyone! Find an exciting range of products at Aussie Slime Co!


Raving reviews we can't keep calm about!

Answers to Frequently 

asked questions

Still have questions? Email us at info@aussieslimeco.com.au

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How to remove slime from my hair and clothes?

For hair: Wash your hair with warm water, conditioner first and shampoo second. Use gentle strokes of the comb from the scalp to the tip to remove slime.

For clothes: Pour enough white vinegar on the spot to make it damp. Then, quickly use fingers or a spare toothbrush in gentle circular motions to rinse out the slime.

How to know that it’s time to replace my slime?

  • Slimes are easy, but they do need care. The hints are -
  • If your slime becomes loose and loses its thickness.
  • If slime becomes watery and flowy.
  • It has developed a different structure than you are used to playing with.

Is slime toxic?

Even though we offer the highest standards in our products, it is advised for children to play with slime under adult supervision. Never eat the slime, and if the situation arises, seek medical attention ASAP. 

Why did my slime shrink?

Firstly, always play with slime after washing your hands. This practice reduces the contact of dust with slime. Dust and other contaminated elements can shrink or disrupt the slime. To prolong the life of slime, always put it back inside the container once you are done playing with it. If it is out for too long, it will go dry. 

My Slime Arrived Sticky, What should I do?

It's nothing to worry about, all our slimes come with a sachet of Borax & a care sheet with instructions on how to fix sticky slime. P.S Do not over activate the slime.