Handcrafted and exclusive 

surprises in each box

Aussie Slime CO has curated a box of ultimate goodness and surprises! Receive surprises 

like no other each month in the cutest boxes. Have fun with new textures, colours and goodies from inside the box. 

It also makes for the perfect slime gift for all slime lovers.

How it works!

Choose a plan that works for you!

Unique, Fragrant & my mum says probably the best in Australia

How to fix your slime 


Past boxes you missed!

Unique, Fragrant & my mum says probably the best in Australia

White Christmas Gift Box (Pre order only)

Cookie Crumble Gift Box (Pre order only)

Christmas Paradise Gift Box (Pre order only)


What is the slime subscription box, and how does it work?

Our slime subscription box brings monthly joy with a curated kit of unique textures, colours, and delightful surprises. To join the fun, subscribe with flexible payment options, anticipate a 7th-of-the-month delivery through Australia Post, and relish the unexpected creativity inside.

How often will I receive a slime box after subscribing?

You'll receive the monthly slime box subscription, arriving at your doorstep on 7th of each month. Enjoy the surprise of new textures and colours with each delivery.

Can I customise the slime in my subscription box?

While we currently don't offer customisation, rest assured, our carefully curated monthly slime box promises delightful surprises with a variety of unique textures and colours. Sign up to our newsletter to stay tuned with the latest scoop on amazing offers and updates on our services.

Is it possible to skip a month or pause my subscription?

Yes, you can easily skip a month or pause your monthly slime box subscription by writing an email to us at info@aussieslimeco.com.au. Receive your slime kits when it's convenient for you.

Are there any shipping fees for the subscription box?

Shipping is included in the monthly slime box subscription. Enjoy the convenience of having your favourite slimes delivered to your door without any additional shipping fees.

Can I give a slime subscription to someone else as a gift?

Absolutely! Gift the joy of creativity with a slime subscription box. Choose the best slime subscription box and surprise your loved ones with a monthly delivery of fun and excitement. If you need any further help, please write to us at info@aussieslimeco.com.au