Custom Handmade Slime In Hobart 


Get your perfect, custom-made slime now before they're gone forever! Australian Slimes Co.'s amazing product lineup has been specially curated by us here at Hobart for you. We know that nobody wants to lose their own personal creation made from love and care with such special features like ours - so take advantage!

The idea of slime made entirely out of household items is the most creative ever? It can stretch or elasticize at will! Yes indeed—slime for you to enjoy right now on this website.

  • What could be more fun than playing with slime? It's unpredictable, interactive and full of surprises! From an early age, we're taught to appreciate changes in state - whether it is turning something new into a different form or watching an object transform before our eyes.

  • The act of squishing gooey blobs between your fingers can be quite therapeutic and even calming. Whether you like feeling sticky or not, this task seems to work for many individuals in relieving stress!


There's a slime for everyone! Find an exciting range of products at Aussie Slime Co!

We Offer A Wide Range Of Products At Our Slime Shops In Hobart 

The cool gooey substances are bound to have an effect as soon someone starts playing with them! You'll forget all about your electronics when involved in this immersive sensory experience.

There's nothing more satisfying than watching your toddler focus on a task for even just a little bit. Slime is the perfect way to teach them about paying attention and ignoring distractions, which will come in handy later when they're grown up!

  • When your child is engaged in an activity that they enjoy, it's not uncommon for them to become more focused. Magnetic slime provides the perfect outlet and environment of creative playfulness!

  • The best thing about slime is that there are endless possibilities for fun. Not only does it provide opportunities to strengthen certain skills like hand or eye coordination, but kids will love the different textures they can get in their favourite game!

  • Give your children an outlet for their anxiety and provide them with something that will make you both feel better. The slime is not only a great way to release tension, but it also gives kids the chance of having fun while doing so!

    The feeling of slime on your hands can be a great way to relieve stress and boost your mood.

Aussie Slimes Co, One Of The Leading Online Slime Shop Hobart !

Now, there's a gift for everyone! Get creative and customize your very own slime with all of the colours you could imagine. We'll even make any design that fits in right now the trendiest way possible; it will be sure to delight them as they open up this thoughtful present from you. Our range of slimes constitute

  • Jelly slime

  • Butter slime - glitter bubblegum

  • Floam Slime Glitter Trio

  • Valentine’s day slime

  • Different flavours of milkshake slimes

  • Slime gift boxes 

  • Lychee crush slimes

And what not!

The store is always bustling with people looking for the perfect slime to fill their latest project or idea, and we have just what they're seeking! With eye-catching colours that will match any colour scheme you can think of as well as interesting designs sure not found anywhere else but here at Aussie Slime Co., there's no need to go elsewhere when it comes time to create something amazing. And don't forget about our exclusive flavours!

Answers to Frequently 

asked questions

Still have questions? Email us at

How to remove slime from my hair and clothes?

For hair: Wash your hair with warm water, conditioner first and shampoo second. Use gentle strokes of the comb from the scalp to the tip to remove slime.

For clothes: Pour enough white vinegar on the spot to make it damp. Then, quickly use fingers or a spare toothbrush in gentle circular motions to rinse out the slime.

How to know that it’s time to replace my slime?

  • Slimes are easy, but they do need care. The hints are -
  • If your slime becomes loose and loses its thickness.
  • If slime becomes watery and flowy.
  • It has developed a different structure than you are used to playing with.

Is slime toxic?

Even though we offer the highest standards in our products, it is advised for children to play with slime under adult supervision. Never eat the slime, and if the situation arises, seek medical attention ASAP. 

Why did my slime shrink?

Firstly, always play with slime after washing your hands. This practice reduces the contact of dust with slime. Dust and other contaminated elements can shrink or disrupt the slime. To prolong the life of slime, always put it back inside the container once you are done playing with it. If it is out for too long, it will go dry. 

My Slime Arrived Sticky, What should I do?

It's nothing to worry about, all our slimes come with a sachet of Borax & a care sheet with instructions on how to fix sticky slime. P.S Do not over activate the slime.