Micro Floam Slime

Fluffy and satisfying texture that you just can’t get enough!

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micro floam slime

Join in the crunchy, stretchy, beady fun and relax for the next few hours

There will be less mess and more fun with Aussie Slime Co’s micro floam slimes. You can’t put a price on ASMR satisfaction. As it inflates after mixing, it produces a poppy sound that resonates with happiness. The clear and glossy slime becomes the synonym for fun when you add micro floam beads to it. It is loved by children and adults alike. 

Benefits of Micro-floam slime

This type of slime has various benefits apart from being widely popular!

  • Micro-floam slimes are perfect to experience ASMR therapy because of the sound it makes during play time.

  • The toy is believed to calm a person and enjoy in the moment.


micro floam slime

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micro floam slime

Amazing Mental Health Benifits & Helps one focus

micro floam slime

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micro floam slime

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Answers to Frequently 

asked questions

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micro floam slime

Q. What does micro floam slime feel like?

Ans:- Micro floam slime is a super fun slime packed with tiny, colorful foam beads! Imagine a cloud you can hold in your hand! Micro floam slime is soft and fluffy, but with tiny pops of crunch from the beads. It's like a sensory adventure for your fingers!

Q. What if my micro floam slime gets sticky?

Ans:- Don't worry, a little fix-up is all it needs! Add a tiny bit of activator solution (usually included) and mix it gently. The slime will be back to its perfect squishiness in no time!

Q. My micro floam slime seems a little flat. Is it broken?

Ans:- Sometimes slime can get a little tired from all the squishing and stretching! Don't worry, just add a tiny bit of water (a few drops at a time) and knead it gently. It'll be back to its bouncy self in no time!

Q. Why are the beads coming out of my slime?

Ans:- This can happen if the slime gets a little dry. No worries though! Just add a tiny bit of water (a few drops at a time) and knead it gently. The beads will happily snuggle back into the slime!

Q. How do I take care of my micro floam slime?

Ans:- KEEP CLEAN: Please make sure your surface and hands are clean. Wash your hands before and after playing with slime.

PLAY MINDFULLY: Please keep your slime away from sunlight and heat. Store in a cool area in an air-tight container to prevent the slime from drying out.

Q. Is it safe to play with?

Ans:- Our hand made slimes are made of safe ingredients and are safe to play with when used properly. However, it's always important to supervise little ones who tend to put objects in their mouth. And, remember, slime is NOT edible.