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Welcome to the slime-tastic world of Aussie Slime Co.! We take great pride in presenting you with an extraordinaryassortment of top-quality slimes that will ignite your imagination and provide endless hours of sensory delight. As the leadingonline slime store in Australia, we are committed to offering you a premium shopping experience like no other...

Step into our online store and prepare to be amazed by our meticulously curated collection of Slimes,Fidget Toys, Plushie Toys and more. From enchanting DIY slimes to irresistibly fluffy and stretchy varieties,each slime in our inventory is crafted with utmost care and attention to detail.We understand that the pursuit of the perfect slime is an art, and we strive to fulfil your every slime desire.

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Our online store is designed to cater to all slime enthusiasts, whether you're a seasoned aficionado or new to the fun world of slime. Unleash your creativity,experience the satisfying textures, and embark on a captivating journey through our exclusive range of slimes.

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We proudly support the Australian slime community by sourcing our supplies locally and by choosing Aussie Slime Co., you not only get your hands on exceptional slimes but also contribute to the grow

Answers to Frequently 

asked questions

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Q. What's the difference between Clear and Cloud Slimes?

Ans:- Clear slimes are see-through, while Cloud slimes are opaque and often pastel-colored. Both offer a light and airy texture, but Cloud slimes tend to be fluffier and slightly thicker.

Q. Can I mix different slime textures together?

Ans:- Yes, you can! Experimenting by mixing different textures of slime can be a fun way to create new and unique slimes. We offer a variety of DIY slimes that include different textures, colors, and add-ons. Explore our DIY slimes and grab your faves before the stocks last.
Q. How does Thick and Glossy Slime feel different from Fluffy Slime?

Ans:- Thick and Glossy Slime lives up to its name! It's a denser slime with a high shine. It's great for poking and swirling, offering more resistance than other textures. Fluffy Slime, in contrast, is lightweight and cloud-like, similar to shaving cream. It's perfect for squashing and stretching.

Q. Is jelly slime sticky?

Ans:- Jelly slime can vary in terms of stickiness. Some jelly slimes are designed to be jiggly and slightly sticky, offering a satisfying play experience. Others may have a more lotion-like consistency and minimal stickiness.

Q. What is Floam Slime?

Ans:- Floam Slime is known for its lightweight and airy texture. It can be molded and shaped easily but tends to hold its shape well. It often inflates when pulled apart and makes a crackling sound when played with.

Q. What is the best slime texture for beginners?

Ans:- For beginners, a butter slime or a clear slime with a medium thickness is a great option. These textures are easy to manage and provide a good introduction to slime play.

Q. How do I take care of crunchy slime?

Ans:- Crunchy slime incorporates small additives (floam balls or bingsu beads) that create a satisfying crackling sound when played with. To maintain the texture, avoid storing it near heat or direct sunlight, which can dry out the slime and make it less crunchy.

Q. Can I customize the texture of my slime?

Ans:- Our slimes come with activators or additional ingredients that allow you to adjust the texture to your preference. Experimenting with small additions like glitter, fimos, charms, and colors can be a fun way to personalize your slime experience!