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Unique Custom Handcrafted Slimes By Tanvi

Calling All Foodies and Slime Enthusiasts 

Dive into Food Slime!

Have you ever craved something so delicious you just wanted to squish it? Well, with food slime, you can! This exciting trend combines the fun of slime with the irresistible world of food. Food slime, also known as realistic food slime or slime that looks like food, comes in a variety of textures and colors, mimicking everything from fluffy brownie to glistening candy floss. ..

Why Food Slime?

Food slime offers a unique sensory experience that appeals to kids and adults alike. It's visually stunning, with realistic details and vibrant colors that make it look good enough to eat (but remember, it's not!). The satisfying squish and stretch of the slime provide a calming and stress-relieving effect. Plus, it's a creative outlet that allows you to unleash your inner artist. Our food slime kits come with food charms for slime, like tiny boba pearls or sprinkles, adding another layer of fun and customization.

Food-tastic Slime FAQ: 

Dive into Delicious Squish!

Calling all slime chefs and culinary concoctionists! This FAQ is your ultimate guide to our drool-worthy food-inspired slimes. Get ready to whip up some seriously satisfying slime creations!

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Q. Are these slimes edible?
Ans:- Hold on there, slime gourmands! As tempting as they may look, these slimes are strictly for squishing, not snacking. Keep 'em away from your tastebuds!
Slimes are
NOT edible.

Q. What kind of slime base do these use?

Ans:- Our food-inspired slimes come in a variety of textures to tantalise your touch! We use butter slimes (super smooth!), cloud slimes (light and fluffy), and clear slimes (perfect for showcasing those yummy-looking charms).
Q. Can I customise the scents?

Ans:- Absolutely! Many of our food slimes come unscented, allowing you to add your favourite fragrance oils and create your own signature dish (scent, that is!).

Q. How long will these slimes last?

Ans:- With proper care (storing them in airtight containers!), your food-themed slimes can last for months, ensuring long-lasting fun and satisfying squishies.

Q. What if my slime gets stiff?

Ans:- No worries! A few drops of slime activator ( included in the slime kit) will bring your slime back to its gloriously squishy state.