Frequently Asked Questions

At Aussie Slime Co, we make our own slime recipe! Every slime is made using the highest quality of ingredients that are handpicked to ensure the safety of the user. Our range of homemade slimes are of the perfect consistency thanks to the material used to mix the ingredients well together. The add ons (sparkles, glitters, pearls and everything nice!) are included in abundance but will never make it hard to play with the slime.

Slimes are versatile and can be an integral part of your playtime. Our bundle of ooey-gooey goodness is great for slime therapy for kids and adults alike! Slime therapy has been really effective in reducing anxiety in adults. The tactile sensation experienced while playing with the slime serves as a distraction and helps in breaking down the cycle of anxiety. In children, slime promotes the development of cognitive function and motor skills.

While we are careful with the quality and standard of ingredients used, it is still highly advised that kids playtime with slime is supervised by parents. Ingesting slime can be harmful regardless of the quantity. In case slime has been ingested, please seek medical attention right away.

Here’s how to get slime out of hair: Wash your hair using warm water Apply conditioner before shampoo and make sure to gently scrub the area around the slime towards the tips of the hair Use a comb if needed to get slime out Move from top to bottom and be gentle with every stroke Lather and cleanse thoroughly Once the slime has been removed successfully, wash your hair with the shampoo Here’s how to get slime out of clothes: To get rid of slime from a cloth, pour white vinegar on the area where the slime is stuck Pour enough to make the fabric wet Allow the vinegar to get soaked in the cloth Be quick to act With a toothbrush or by using your fingers, gently scrub the affected area Do this in circular motions Do not rub and be gentle Rinse the area with hot water Proceed to wash as per instructions

Slimes are fun and easy-peasy to play with but they too need care once in a while. If your slime is loosening up, is not the same fun to play with or has developed a different structure from what it was earlier, maybe it is time to bring back the bounce or to get a new bundle. Additionally, if the slime has suddenly become more shapeless, watery and is overly flowy, it is an indication that the slime needs to be replaced.

It is very normal for cloud slime to feel wet due to water as the key ingredient of the slime. The slime should be damp and not wet like sandy texture or watery.

Shrinking of slime is normal. It is advised to wash your hands every time you are playing with the product. -This reduces the amount of dust and dirt the slime comes in contact with. These elements act as contaminants and can disrupt slime structure. Leaving the slime unattended outside for too long can cause dryness. Always keep it back in its jar and make sure the cover has been fastened properly.

We process our orders within 1-2 business days. This means once you place your order, we package the items you ordered and prepare them for shipment within 1-2 business days. Please be aware that the delivery time you choose when selecting a shipping method only applies to shipping, and will be added to the regular processing times. NOTE: International shipments will take longer than domestic ones (AUS). Additional customs fees may apply. We are not responsible for any fees and/or delays due to processing by customs.

The Slime package will include Slime, Slime Care sheet, Borax powder, Thank you card And some candy

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No, unless it's specified otherwise.

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