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Easy to make and easy to play. Clear slime is a great option for first-timers

Clear slime is one of the easiest slimes to make and play with. It is initially transparent, allowing a lot of fun experiments for kids to try. We can add many charms and develop fun and fantastic flavours from it. The Pink lemonade clear slime is our best-selling product in the category. We hope you are as excited as we are to try these joyous flavours.

Benefits of clear slime

Apart from being the most trendy slime, this type has several advantages:

  • Clear slime can reduce tension and stress by providing calming and soothing vibes which stimulate our brain.

  • It is an educative toy and can be used to teach scientific facts.


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Amazing Mental Health Benifits & Helps one focus

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Be prepared to be spellbound by the transparent wonder of clear slime at Aussie Slime Co. Our collectionof clear slimes is designed to captivate your imagination and provide a truly mesmerising sensory experience...

Clear slime is a unique variant of slime that offers a window into the captivating world of tactile play. Its translucent appearance adds an extra layer of fascination as you watch it stretch,squish, and mould in your hands. It's like holding a captivating work of art that you can create and shape yourself.

At Aussie Slime Co, we offer the finest clear slimes that will exceed your expectations. Our clear slime kits are the perfect choice for beginners and each kit contains everything youneed to create your own crystal-clear masterpiece, including high-quality ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions.

Immerse yourself in the delightful textures as it glides through your fingers, leaving you with a sense of calm and relaxation. Whether you're looking fora stress-reliever or simply want to indulge in some satisfying sensory play, clear slime is the perfect choice.

Shop now and experience the transparent enchantment of clear slime kits from Aussie Slime Co.

Answers to Frequently 

asked questions

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Q. Will my clear slime melt on a hot day?

Ans:- Clear slime can get a bit softer in the heat, but it won't melt away. Just keep it in a cool, shady spot when you're not playing with it.

Q. Can I use lotion to make my stiff slime soft again? 

Ans:- While lotion might feel smooth, it can actually make your slime even stickier. If your slime feels stiff, try adding a tiny bit of water a little at a time and knead it gently.

Q. Is clear slime safe to play with?

 Ans:- As always, it's important to wash your hands before and after playing with slime. And remember, never put slime in your mouth!

Q. Why is my clear slime cloudy instead of crystal clear?

Ans:- Sometimes, air bubbles can get trapped in your slime, making it look a little cloudy. Don't worry, just knead it gently to help the bubbles escape!

Q. What if my clear slime rips? Can I fix it?

Ans:- No worries, little slimer! Just gently push the two pieces together and knead them until they're smooth again.
Q. How can I make my clear slime extra stretchy? 

Ans:- Add a tiny bit of activator (like borax solution) at a time and keep mixing until it reaches your perfect stretchiness! Remember, a little goes a long way!