Pink Lemonade Clear Slime

Type: Bingsu Slime
  • Looking for a fun, easy-to-use slime? This Pink Lemonade Slime is perfect for beginners!
  • Clear Slime Topped with amazing Bingsu Beads and 2 Lemon Charms
  • Amazing Texture
  • Satisfying Pops & Crackles when playing with it
  • Smells like Strawberries, absolutely divine! 

We are an Australian Slime Shop known for making Custom Handmade high-quality slimes out of Melbourne! We pride ourselves on quality ingredients and always ensure we deliver the highest quality experience! 

Bingsu Slime - Pink Lemonade Clear SlimeColour   Pink Clear Slime

Bingsu Slime - Pink Lemonade Clear SlimeTexture   Clear Slime

Bingsu Slime - Pink Lemonade Clear SlimeScent   Strawberries & Lemon

Bingsu Slime - Pink Lemonade Clear SlimeSize   4oz and 6oz


Not Edible, Suitable for age 3+

Free AUS Wide

Shipping Over $75

High Quality


Super Strechy

& Relaxing



Proudly Australian


Handcrafted with

Love In Melbourne

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