Slime Fixer-Upper Kit


Got any old slimes which is sticky or hard? Aussie Slime Co has solution to fix your old slime and revamp them with our new Slime Fixer Upper kit. 

Sticky Slime : Use our activator spray pens to fix your slime which is sticky like thick and glossy, butter slime, clear slime, crunchy slime. 

Hard Slime: if you have over activated your slime which is rippy and hard, just add few drops of Glycerin to the slime and it will be back to playable and stretchy slime. 

The Slime Fixer-Upper Kit consist of below 

2* 10 ml Activator Pens 

1 * 30 ml Glycerin 

1*Care sheet card

Free AUS Wide

Shipping Over $100

High Quality


Super Strechy

& Relaxing



Proudly Australian


Handcrafted with

Love In Melbourne