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The best slime choice if you are playing with slime for the first time

The first choice is when you love something super soft, fluffy, and light. The next few hours of cloud slime play will be the best part of your day. Could slimes are non-sticky, which saves post play clean up time. Add our fimo slices and charms in the cloud slime and make beautiful and fun times even better. 

Benefits of cloud slime

Cloud slimes are highly preferable because of the following reasons:

  • It is non-sticky. This ensures a mess-free play time.

  • The light and silky smooth feel of the slime is perfect for playing after a long tiring day. Thus, it also reduces stress and anxiety. 


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We Use The Best Ingredients To Make Our Slimes!

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Amazing Mental Health Benifits & Helps one focus

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Handcrafted cloud slimes

Unique Custom Handcrafted Slimes By Tanvi

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Cloud slime is a unique variation of slime that captures the essence of fluffy clouds. Its light and Crème like texture will transport you to a dreamlike state as you squish and mould it between your fingertips.Prepare to be mesmerised by its softness and the way it holds its shape...

At Aussie Slime Co, each batch is carefully crafted to ensure the perfect balance of fluffiness and elasticity. Our cloud slime is made with high-qualityingredients, resulting in a delightful tactile experience that will captivate your senses.

Indulge your creativity with our cloud slime recipes. We provide you with the tools andinstructions to create your very own cloud slime masterpiece. With our easy-to-follow recipes, youcan experience the joy of crafting and customising your cloud slime to match your unique preferences.

We offer a wide selection of cloud slimes for sale in various colours and scents. Whether you're a cloudslime connoisseur or new to the world of fluffiness, we have the perfect slime to suit your desires.

Shop now and immerse yourself in the delightful world of cloud slime. Let its soft and squishy nature whisk you away to a world of pure bliss.

Answers to Frequently 

asked questions

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Q. I got my slime delivered and it’s too sticky?

Ans:- Sometimes, during travel, slimes can get a little sticky. No worries, it's an easy fix! If your slime arrives sticky, dilute 1/4 teaspoon of borax into 1/2 a cup of warm water. Stir until the borax is diluted. Slowly add your activator to your slime. Remember, a little goes a long way, so add it slowly and stop once your slime feels perfect!

Q. How to get my stiff slime back in shape?

Ans:- If your cloud slime has gotten a bit stiff, don't throw it away just yet! Here's a magical trick: add a few drops of warm water and knead it gently. The warmth and water will help it soften up and become fluffy again, ready for more squishing adventures!

Q. How long will my cloud slime last?

Ans:- With proper care, your butter slime can last for weeks or even months!

  • Make sure your surface and hands are clean. Wash your hands before and after playing with slime.
  • Store it in an airtight container when you're not playing with it, and keep it away from heat and sunlight.

Q. My Cloud slime feels wet, is that normal?

Ans:- Yep! Cloud slime is known for its super soft, fluffy texture, which can sometimes feel a bit wetter than other slimes. It's totally normal, and it's what makes it so much fun to squish and stretch!

Q. Can I get slime out of hair and/or clothes?

Ans:- While our slimes are made with love, we know they can be sticky and a bit messy. Don't worry, though! Here's how to easily remove them:

  • Start by picking off as much slime as you can by hand.
  • Next, mix warm water and white vinegar in a 1:2 ratio and soak the affected area. This will loosen the slime, making it easier to clean.
  • Gently scrub with a soft brush or an old towel to remove the loosened slime.
  • For hair specifically, use a comb and conditioner to help remove any remaining slime bits.

With these simple steps, your surfaces and hair will be slime-free in no time!

Q. How do I know if my slime is ready to be replaced?

Ans:- Cloud slime, like all slimes, can lose its magic over time. Here are some signs it might be time for a new one:

  • It becomes stiff and difficult to stretch.
  • It develops a strong odour.
  • It starts to tear or crumble easily.

If you notice these signs, don't worry! Aussie slime have tons of amazing cloud slime options to choose from!