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The most perfect slush you'll ever have! All of your favourite features in one amazing product. Get it now before they're gone forever, because who wouldn't want their very own custom-made slime with all those amazing qualities? It's made from love and cares so that each customer can come back time after again without thinking twice about ordering another type or colour combo for themselves. With Aussie Slimes Co., this is possible!

The slime idea is both unique and cool, it's made up of various household items that combine together to form a polymer substance. The best part about this type of fluid though? There are all sorts of fun properties like it's stretchy or elastic!

  • The allure of playing with slime is hard to resist. Some kids just enjoy watching an object change from one state into another, without ever truly understanding how or why!

  • Squishing slime between your fingers is a great stress-relieving technique. Some people like the feeling of sticking and stretching, while others find that it makes them feel more connected with themselves at ease in general; whatever works for each individual!


There's a slime for everyone! Find an exciting range of products at Aussie Slime Co!

We Offer A Wide Range Of Products At Our Slime Shops In Perth

The immersive sensory experience of slime will draw your attention away from electronics! It's a perfect way to make these distractions count for more than just time spent plugged in or on-screen.

If you want your young toddler to become a well-rounded adult, it's important they learn how to focus and pay attention. Playing with slime requires these skills! It doesn't matter what else is going on in their lives or whether or not there are other distractions nearby - playing with the slime will help them develop essential talents for life ahead as soon as possible

  • Magnetic slime is the best way for kids to get their hands on some creative, engaging play! It helps boost confidence and keep them interested in whatever project or activity they're doing.

  • The great thing about this slime is that it's fun and flexible! It can be used in so many ways, from playing games to developing fine motor skills. The varying textures make for a more interesting experience which encourages kids who want stronger hands or eyes to work on specific exercises with what they already know - unlike other toys where there isn't much variety of use.

  • What better way to calm your child's nerves than with something they can hold and play around with? In this case, the slime provides an excellent outlet for young people who suffer from anxiety or are frequently apprehensive in social circumstances.

    The feeling of slimy hands can reduce stress by releasing tension. It's like a natural mood booster!

Aussie Slimes Co, One Of The Leading Online Slime Shop Perth!

Customize your very own custom slime with all of the colours you could imagine, plus we can make any design that fits with what's in trend right now. You'll be sure to find a delightfully unique gift for anyone on this list! Our range of slimes constitute:

  • Jelly slime

  • Butter slime - glitter bubblegum

  • Floam Slime Glitter Trio

  • Valentine’s day slime

  • Different flavours of milkshake slimes

  • Slime gift boxes 

  • Lychee crush slimes

And what not!

Come check out all of our awesome slime flavours! From the most vibrant and fun colours, you'll find anywhere in other Perth shops, right down to exclusive designs that are only available with us. So come on over today if it is anything related to these cool substances because they're sure not going away anytime soon

Answers to Frequently 

asked questions

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How to remove slime from my hair and clothes?

For hair: Wash your hair with warm water, conditioner first and shampoo second. Use gentle strokes of the comb from the scalp to the tip to remove slime.

For clothes: Pour enough white vinegar on the spot to make it damp. Then, quickly use fingers or a spare toothbrush in gentle circular motions to rinse out the slime.

How to know that it’s time to replace my slime?

  • Slimes are easy, but they do need care. The hints are -
  • If your slime becomes loose and loses its thickness.
  • If slime becomes watery and flowy.
  • It has developed a different structure than you are used to playing with.

Is slime toxic?

Even though we offer the highest standards in our products, it is advised for children to play with slime under adult supervision. Never eat the slime, and if the situation arises, seek medical attention ASAP. 

Why did my slime shrink?

Firstly, always play with slime after washing your hands. This practice reduces the contact of dust with slime. Dust and other contaminated elements can shrink or disrupt the slime. To prolong the life of slime, always put it back inside the container once you are done playing with it. If it is out for too long, it will go dry. 

My Slime Arrived Sticky, What should I do?

It's nothing to worry about, all our slimes come with a sachet of Borax & a care sheet with instructions on how to fix sticky slime. P.S Do not over activate the slime.