Slime Activator Pens (Pack of 2)


Introducing our Slime Activator Pen, the ultimate duo for your slime adventures! Our activator pen for slime is the superhero your gooey creations need.

Usually, your slime arrives just right when you get it and only needs a little activator every few weeks to stay good. But during the summer, when it's really hot, your slime might melt a bit and need more activator to fix it. That's where our activator pen for slime comes to the rescue!

With our magic duo, all you need to do is doodle, dab, and watch your slime come alive! It's perfect for slime parties, rainy days, or whenever you need a burst of colorful, gooey goodness! Don't let your slime dreams stay dormant - grab our slime activator pen now and keep your slime in shape for lasting fun!

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