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Amazing Mental Health Benifits & Helps one focus

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Unique Custom Handcrafted Slimes By Tanvi

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A unique slime that imitates the look and feel of an ice-cold Slurpee

It feels and looks like the real deal. Loved by kids all over Australia, Icee slimes are full of fun and stretchy satisfaction. You can order any from our collection and enjoy the day with your friends, family, and yourself. 

Benefits of icee slime

Despite its unique appearance, slime has other benefits too!

  • They are ideal for enhancing focus and building creativity.

  • Loved and used by people belonging from all ages.

  • Heavenly smell that provides relaxation !

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Answers to Frequently 

asked questions

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How do you make icee slime?

  • Get a mixing bowl.
  • Pour the whole bottle of glue into the bowl.
  • Add water.
  • Add ½ teaspoon baking soda and mix.
  • Add Artificial snow
  • Add ½ teaspoon of contact lens solution.
  • Pour Borax sachet to activate slime.
  • Add food colouring (if needed)
  • Play and have fun for hours.

Why is it so popular?

Icee slime is popular because of its soft and stretchy feel. Its fragrance is mesmerising, and children love to play with it for hours because it looks like an ice cream cup. 

What other flavours are there?

Is it healthy?

Slimes are terrific for mental health. They give ASMR satisfaction which helps diminish the symptoms of anxiety and stress. Slimes are fantastic for children because playing with slime alleviates the symptoms of ADHD and improves motor function. 

What are the ingredients in ice slime?

  • Artificial ice
  • Clear glue
  • Contact lens solution
  • Additives such as clay, fimo, beads, charms, glitter, and more.
  • Borax
  • Food colouring

What is the consistency of ice slime?

Smooth, buttery, and gooey is the consistency of icee slime. If the DIY icee slime feels too watery, use borax to regain the texture.