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Beat the heat with our range of ice slimes this summer!

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A unique slime that imitates the look and feel of an ice-cold Slurpee

It feels and looks like the real deal. Loved by kids all over Australia, Icee slimes are full of fun and stretchy satisfaction. You can order any from our collection and enjoy the day with your friends, family, and yourself. 

Benefits of icee slime

Despite its unique appearance, slime has other benefits too!

  • They are ideal for enhancing focus and building creativity.

  • Loved and used by people belonging from all ages.

  • Heavenly smell that provides relaxation !


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We Use The Best Ingredients To Make Our Slimes!

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Amazing Mental Health Benifits & Helps one focus

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Unique Custom Handcrafted Slimes By Tanvi

Check Our Icee Slime Collection

Get ready to freeze your senses and embark on a slime adventure like no other with our incredible collection of Icee slimes! These slimes are the perfect fusion of icy coolness and slurpy fun. Imagine vibrant colours swirling together,textures that mimic frosty slurpee delights, and scents that transport you to a summer wonderland...

At Aussie Slime Co., we've taken the classic slime experience and added a frosty twist. Our Icee slimes come in a variety of tantalising flavours that will makeyour taste buds dance with joy. These slimes offer a sensory explosion that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

At Aussie Slime Co, we craft the highest quality snow fizz slimes and our snow fizz slime kits come with everything you need to create yourvery own winter-themed slime creations. From fluffy snow to sparkling add-ons, the possibilities are endless!

But the fun doesn't stop there! Our Icee slime recipe kits allow you to become the mastercreator of your own frosty concoctions. Mix and experiment with different textures, and let your imagination run wild.

Embrace the coolness, let your creativity flow, and prepare for an icy adventure that will leave you smiling from earto ear. Get your hands on these frosty delights today and let the slimer in you shine bright!

Answers to Frequently 

asked questions

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Q. What is icee slime made of and how does icee slime feel?

Ans:- It's soft and fluffy like a cloud, but with a cool, refreshing feeling, just like an icee! Imagine your favourite icy treat in squishy, sparkly form! It usually includes ingredients like clear glue, activator solution, water, and fun stuff like food colouring, glitter, and - of course! - instant snow! Remember, grown-ups should supervise slime making! 

Q. What's the difference between icee slime and cloud slime?

Ans:- Icee slime and cloud slime are fluffy and fun, but icee slime is lighter and airier, with that cool, sizzly texture and with a fun, crackly sound! (Both are super fun to squish, though!)

Q. Is icee Slime safe to play with?

Ans:- Yes! icee Slime is made with safe ingredients, just like your favourite slime should be. We always recommend adult supervision for little ones (under age 3) during playtime, just in case. 
Remember, slime is not edible!

Q. How long will my icee slime last?

Ans:- With proper care, your icee slime can last for weeks or even months! To keep it happy, store it in its container when you're not playing with it and keep it away from heat and sunlight. 

Q. How to fix runny slime and what if it gets stiff or dry?

Ans:- No worries! If your slime is too sticky or runny, you will need to add small amounts of activator.

If your slime has become too stiff or dry, you can add a few drops of water to your slime and mix it gently to bring it back to life.

Q. What is the best way to care for my slime?

Ans:- KEEP CLEAN: Please make sure your surface and hands are clean. Wash your hands before and after playing with slime.

PLAY MINDFULLY: Please keep your slime away from sunlight and heat. Store in a cool area in an air-tight container to prevent the slime from drying out.