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Unique Custom Handcrafted Slimes By Tanvi

our best selling slime

Confused about which slimes to choose? Try our best selling collections and play as much as you want.

We are grateful for your support in trying our best selling slimes. Our high-quality handcrafted slimes are loved by all of Australia. With our best-selling slimes, you can make a random pick and find ultimate satisfaction and productivity. Our Ice-cream pop-it fidgets and butter slimes are our most popular products. Feel free to gift or try them yourselves.

Benefits of buying our best selling collection

Aussie slime co ensures that slime time comes with a lot of benefits!

  • Slime is a trendy and awesome gift for any occasion.

  • Satisfaction is guaranteed as these slimes are loved by many.

  • The toy is a great distraction from electronic gadgets. Thus, it encourages living in the moment.

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Answers to Frequently 

asked questions

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What is the best slime in your store?

What are the benefits of using this slime?

The benefits of the Crazy Cotton Candy Slime are:
  • It has a beautiful fragment that is pleasing to the mind
  • High-quality ingredients are one of the specialities of our manufacturer
  • An excellent companion for relieving stress and anxiety

Is this product safe for kids to play with?

Yes, our crazy cotton candy slime is safe for kids.

Is there any slime that you would recommend?

From the plethora of slime choices available at our store, if asked, our recommendation would be Blue Heaven Milkshake Slime.

Can I make these slimes on my own?

You can easily make these slimes at home with the right ingredients and guidance. All these products are handcrafted.