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Are these toys suitable for all ages?

The toys have safety as a primary concern in their design. However, it's advisable that they are best suited for children aged X and above. This precaution arises from the presence of small parts in the toys that might not be suitable for younger children, reducing any potential choking hazards.

What materials are these toys made from?

Crafted with care from premium child-safe materials, the Plushes Pets Juicy Jam Dolly Holstein showcases a soft and robust plush fabric. This choice of material not only promises a comfortable and snug playtime but also guarantees safety, ensuring endless hours of worry-free enjoyment for children.

Do these toys have any small parts?

No, the Plushes toys are designed with safety in mind. They don’t feature any small parts that could potentially pose a choking hazard, making them a worry-free choice for parents and a safe companion for kids of all ages to enjoy.

Is the scent customizable for these toys?

No, the scent of the "Plushes Pets Juicy Jam Summer Cerise Scented" plush toy is not customizable. The toy comes pre-infused with the cerise scent, and there are no options for choosing or altering the scent. The provided scent is an integral part of the toy's design and cannot be changed.