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Have no confusion in choosing the best present for a sweet kid. Choose among many of our slime gift boxes.

Aussie Slime Gift boxes are something special. They contain various ingredients to make DIY slime and play with them for hours. Our slime gift boxes are specially curated for occasions such as Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, and more. You can choose from our variety of slime gift boxes to suit your mood. Slime gift boxes are an excellent birthday gift for children. Our slime gift boxes include charms, beads, fimo slices, and more to add effects to the slime texture. 

Benefits of slime gift boxes

Slime may be a messy toy but it has many surprising qualities.

  • The toy can be played with family or even friends. It helps in creating a deep bond.

  • It is similar to squeezing stress balls that relieve stress.

  • Slime is an inexpensive toy. 


We Use The Best Ingredients To Make Our Slimes!

Amazing Mental Health Benifits & Helps one focus

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Unique Custom Handcrafted Slimes By Tanvi

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Looking for a unique and exciting gift? Aussie Slime Co.'s Slime Gift Sets are here to delight! Each box is carefully curated with a variety of high-quality slimes,catchy add-ons and charms, toys and more! It's a guaranteed way to bring joy and endless hours of slimy fun...

But that's not all! Our Slime Gift Sets also include DIY sets, allowing recipients to unleash their creativity andcustomise their own slimes. From mixing colours to adding fun add-ins like glitter or beads, the possibilities are endless.

At Aussie Slime Co, we deliver a delightful slimeexperience from start to finish. Each Slime Gift Box is beautifully packaged and ready to surprise.

So, don't miss out on the chance to give the gift of endless fun andcreativity. Get your hands on one of our Slime Gift Boxes today and let the adventure begin!

Answers to Frequently 

asked questions

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What are slime gift boxes?

Aussie Slime offers handcrafted slime gift boxes that contain multiple DIY slime ingredients. Our themed based gift boxes are popular among children and teenagers. Popular Aussie Slime gift boxes include Juicy pop Slime gift box, Jumbo rainbow slime gift box, 7 PCS fidget toys gift box, and more. 

What is inside a slime gift box?

A slime gift box contains several DIY slime ingredients -

  • White/Clear glue.
  • Contact lens solution.
  • Borax sachet to activate and reactivate slime.
  • Add ons like bingsu beads, micro floam beads, glitter, charms, fimo slices, etc.
  • Baking soda
  • Food colouring

What are some of the benefits of purchasing a slime gift box?

There is no value to a child’s playtime. Aussie Slime gift box comes with a colourful combination of slimes. Our gift boxes are exciting, and they improve productivity in children. You can order our slime gift boxes anywhere in Australia. Free shipping on orders above $75.

How do slime gift boxes work?

Slime gift boxes are an excellent choice as a present. To play with Aussie Slime gift boxes, you need to - 

  • Unbox.
  • Mix ingredients in the right proportions in a large bowl.
  • Use borax to activate and reactivate
  • Play for hours and be productive with slime.
  • Not suitable for children below three. Slime is inedible.

How do I buy a slime gift box?

Buying an Aussie Slime gift box is simple.

  • Visit Aussie Slime
  • Select “Slime gift boxes” from the “Slimes” drop-down menu.
  • Add your favourite slime gift boxes to the cart.
  • Select among multiple payment options, including - Afterpay, debit cards, credit cards, GPay, Apple pay, etc.