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Welcome to Aussie Slime Co. - Your One-Stop Destination for all Things Plushie!

At Aussie Slime Co, we're obsessed with bringing joy and softness into your life through our delightful Plush collection. From adorable cat plushies to cuddly koalas and everything in between, we've got you covered with a wide range of Plushy that will make your heart melt...

Longing for a trip down memory lane? Explore our selection featuring beloved characters such as Totoro, Hello Kitty, and an array of Pokémon plushies! Want something quirky? Check out our bubble tea, avocado, and dumpling plushies that will surely add a pop of fun to your space.

And hey, that’s not all! For those who prefer a touch of the wild, our frog plushies and shark plushies are sure to make a splash, while our adorable duck and cow plushies bring a taste of the countryside right into your home.

So why wait?

Dive into the fluffy world of plush toys with Aussie Slime Co. today! Whether you're searching for a cute gift or simply want to treat yourself to some plushy goodness, we've got the perfect soft companion waiting for you.

Plus, enjoy fast shipping, secure payment options, and a whole lot of smiles with every plushy purchase.

Happy plushie shopping!

Answers to Frequently 

asked questions

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Q.  What are plush toys made of?

Ans:- Plush toys are typically made from soft fabrics like polyester or fleece, stuffed with materials such as cotton or polyester fiberfill.

Q. Are plushy safe for children?

Ans:- Yes, plushies are safe for children, but it's essential to ensure that they are made from non-toxic materials and do not contain any small parts that could pose a choking hazard.

Q. Can plushies be used as educational tools for children?

Ans:- Yes, plushies can be used to teach children about animals, shapes, colours, and emotions through imaginative play. They can also be incorporated into storytelling and role-playing activities to enhance learning.