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Show your love for slimes by opening your heart; buy bulk slimes. 

Thinking of having a slime play party? Then you will need slimes in bulk. You will have countless creative options to play with your friends by ordering bulk slimes. Mix slime beads with thick and glossy slime, and feel the bulky fun with poppy and crunchy floam slime. Try every slime combination possible to throw the best slime themed party.

Benefits of Bulk Slime

Are you aware of the many advantages of purchasing bulk slime? Let’s dive in!

  • They make a party or an occasion more entertaining.

  • You can tailor-make them according to your birthday party theme.

  • Bulk slimes are pocket-friendly and save a lot of money.


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Answers to Frequently 

asked questions

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What is the difference between a slime kit and bulk slime?

A slime kit or DIY slime kit is a supply package that contains all the ingredients required to make slime. These are not ready-made slimes. Instead, the child must make the slime himself.

On the other hand, bulk slimes are packages that contain materials for making slime in bulk amounts. These are wholesale products that provide many differently coloured types of slime in a single package. These are great for organising slime-themed parties.

What are the benefits of ordering bulk slime?

Ordering bulk slime has a range of benefits:

  • Great for organising entertaining parties and functions
  • Make customised slimes as per your party theme
  • It saves a lot of money

How do I order bulk slime?

To order slime in bulk:

  • Visit Aussie Slime
  • Select the bulk slime option from the drop-down menu under Home.
  • Add your preferred bulk slime to the cart.
  • Safely complete your payment via Apple pay, Google pay, debit cards, credit cards or online wallets.

What are the different colours of bulk slime?

The different colours of bulk slime available at the AussieSlime store are:

  • Blue Heaven Milkshake Slime
  • Slime Fruit Loop Slime

What are the best kinds of slime to buy in bulk?

The best slimes to buy in bulk are butter and thick and glossy slime.