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We use high-quality ingredients to make our slime.

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Amazing mental health benefits and helps one focus

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Unique slimes

Unique custom handcrafted slimes by Tanvi

Aussie Slime’s 

Season Special Sale Collection!

Gifting made easy with Aussie Slime Gift Boxes!

Why Our Slime Gift Boxes are Loved by Kids & All?

Effortless Corner Cleaning

No confusion, only joy

Slimes have this unique quality to bring people of all ages together. If you are confused about what to gift a loved one on Christmas, a slime gift box is the answer.

Easy Movement

A box of love, care, & play

Life is a box of slime; you never know what colourful surprise you will get.

180 Degree Rotating Spin Mop

Handcrafted with love 

Aussie Slime Co. creates slimes with love & positivity for all. You get more than just slimes from us - productivity, ASMR satisfaction, & creativity.

Made with safe and best-quality ingredients

One-of-a-kind collection

An ultimate mixture of thrill, fun and satisfaction

Our Holiday And

Festive Special Slimes!

X-Mas, New Year and Summer Special Products at Aussie Slime Co!

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help

What’s included in my package? 

All items mentioned in the product description, along with Borax or Activator Pen and Care sheet.

What is the cut-off date to order these gift boxes with standard shipping?

All States Except NT & WA - 8th December

For NT & WA - 3rd December

What are the standard shipping dates?

From the East Coast of Australia to WA Standard shipping by 8th December

From WA to NSW standard shipping by 6th December

From WA to VLC and QLD standard shipping by 5th December

What are the express shipping dates?

For all states except WA & NT - Cut off for Express Shipping is on 13th December & these will be shipped on 15,16 & 17th December.

For WA & NT - Cut Off for Express Shipping is 5th December & these will be shipped Between 8,10 & 12 December.

When will my order of Individual slimes ship?

We process our order within 5-7 working days. This means once you place the order, we package your order and prepare them for shipment within 5-7 business days. Please be aware that the delivery time you choose when selecting a shipping method only applies to shipping and will be added to the regular processing times.

How do I track my order?

Simply check the tracking number we provided in the shipping confirmation email, or you can track your order from our website.

I want my order shipped early; what should I do?

Please leave a note before finalising the order, and we will do our best to ship the order.