Lavender Sky Thick & Glossy Slime Bingsu on Top

Type: Bingsu Slime

Lavender Sky is super light, soft, sizzle, and inflating Thick & Glossy slimešŸ„› with Bingsu Beads My favourite texture everšŸ’– It feels like super airy soft-serve!!

  • 4oz/6ozĀ SkyBlue thick and Glossy slime
  • Topped with Bingsu BeadsĀ 

ColorĀ Violet (Which might turn to blue)

Texture Thick & Glossy + Bingsu

ScentĀ Ā LavenderĀ 

SizeĀ  Ā 4oz and 6oz


Not Edible, Suitable for Age 3+. All our slimes are custom handmade in Melbourne!Ā 

Free AUS Wide

Shipping Over $75

High Quality


Super Strechy

& Relaxing



Proudly Australian


Handcrafted with

Love In Melbourne

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