DIY Butter Slime - Mint Chocolate DIY Butter Slime 6OZ


The Texture of this DIY Slime is Supper Fluffy and Ice cream scoop look so real! Its Thick & very playful and inflates to 1.5x after mixing clay to the butter slime. Slime is topped with Chocolate Sprinkles to give it a realistic look & feel. This slime is perfect for the beginners as its super soft and stretchy. When mixed all together the slime will inflate and will have pops and cracks. 

Texture: Butter slime 

Colour : Green, White & Chocolate Sprinkles 

Size: 6oz

Scent: Peppermint 

DIY: 1 Scoop of White and Green realistic looking Clay Ice-cream Scoop & Chocolate Sprinkles 

Comes with Sachet of Borax & Care sheet.  


P.S Suitable for age 3+, Slime is not edible

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