Kitty Rainbow Pop It Shoulder Bag - Fidget Toys Bag

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Kitty Rainbow Pop It Purse Crossbody Bag

😮PERFECT MOOD ENHANCER- Take your cute pop toy everywhere and never forget to smile! Yes, it is possible with our Kitty Rainbow fidget bag.

🤩EASY TO USE AND DURABLE- Due to the adjustable straps and suitable quality materials, this fidget toy is perfect for your kid to play with

🔴🟡🔵🟣RANGE OF COLOURS- The kitty rainbow bag comes with a wide range of colour combinations made just to make your day every day!

🙌🏻ONE-OF-A-KIND BENEFITS- The most fun and easy stress-relieving toy you can ever play with. So, why not learn while playing?

✅ Bag size and weight- 12*5*4 cm, 85 g-115 g

🔷 Shoulder strap and length- 55-110 cm (adjustable)

🔶 Bag+Shoulder strap weight- 108 g-138 g

🎁🎉 Gifting Guide- Best gift for your lovely little ones

NOTE- These toys are strictly not edible and are meant to be used for entertainment purposes only. We don’t make any sort of medical claims through our products. With proper care, these toys will last longer. Do not chew, bite, stretch or destroy the toy.

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