Peeps Marshmallow DIY Butter Slime


Texture : White Butter slime 

DIY : 1 Yellow and 1 Pink Peeps

Fimo : Peeps fimo

Fragrance : Marshmallow

Who needs real marshmallows when you can make your own adorable slime with our Peeps Marshmallow DIY Slime? This fluffy and soft slime comes with Peeps Fimo. And the fragrance will make you enjoy a sweet slime session.

It’s all fun and fluffy with this one. Buy yours now!


  1. Increases concentration and mindfulness 
  2. Satisfying Texture

Emotional Benefits:

  1. Excellent Mood Enhancer for all age groups
  2. Provides Comfort and relaxation

P.S Suitable for age 3+, Slime is strictly not edible

Warning: Small parts of the slime pose a risk of choking hazard.

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