Strawberry Milkshake Slime Gift Box For Kids - Perfect Birthday Gift Box!


Make someone's day with this gorgeous DIY Slime Gift pack! Super Fun Strawberry Milkshake Inspired Slime Gift Box!

Perfect Birthday & Christmas Gift Box for Boys & Girls with hours of fun!

Perfect Gift Box for Birthdays!

The Pack Includes;

1 4OZ Milky Milk, Thick & Glossy Slime

1 4OZ Strawberry Sensation, Thick & Glossy Slime

1 Whipped Cream Soft Clay Sachet

1 Sachet Strawberry Add-ons FIMO'S

1 Small Container 1OZ Strawberry Topping Slime

1 Small Container 1OZ White Glossy Slime

1 sachet of sugar cube fimos

2 Milkshake Straws

1 Red Glitter Sachet

1 Sachet White Sprinkles

1 Super cute Strawberry Add-on

2 Chupa Chups

Scent: Strawberry

Plenty of Goodies & It's Beautifully packed.

The slimes smells divine & we have put together this pack with our most loved slimes.

If you are planning to gift this to someone, you can be rest assured it will be cherished and loved. Due to all the add-ons this slime box is sure to keep kids occupied for hours.

Strawberry Milkshake Gift box offers amazing creative flexibility and kids love the way they can mix & match add-ons and make their own creations.

NOTE: Slime is at its best when opened within 3 weeks

Slime is not Edible, Suitable for age 3+, all our slimes come with a Slime care card & Sachet of Borax to reactivate the slime as required.

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Super Strechy

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