Snowonder Instant Snow Small Sachet - 1 Quart

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Type: Instant Snow

The best instant snow money can buy, we use this in all our Cloud Slime, Jelly Slime & Ice Slime. Super Fluffy and can expand a lot. 

The texture is smooth and looks just like real snow. It's widely used for Slimes, Photoshoots and Christmas decoration or a theme party.

  • 100% safe and friendly to the environment
  • Made in USA by Snowonder
  • Easy to Make; ERUPTS into snow in a few seconds with NO MIXING
  • Lasts for many weeks indoors
  • Easy to Clean Up
  • Safe & Non Toxic
  • After a few hours of play, save snow in a large zip bag or plastic container and reopen a day or a week later for another play day.

*Not Edible, age 5 and over with supervision. Can be slippery when wet. 

Small instant snow packets make anywhere from a bowl of snow to a cubic foot of snow.

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