Stretch Transformable Pop Tube Unicorn - Stretch Unicorn


😇Relieve your stress - You can reduce your stress and calm down with the help of this stretch sensory toy. Its soothing decompressing sound gives ASMR delight and helps you relax and unwind.

🦄Numerous playing features - The tube of the unicorn toy can be retracted and deformed freely, and the head and body have rotating elements as well, making it ideal for playing with.


🪅Exclusive gift for all ages - Boys and girls of all ages will love this toy. Children's Day presents, carnival prizes, piñata fillers, and Christmas stocking stuffers are all excellent gift ideas for unicorn sensory toys.

👶High-quality and child-friendly toy - The unicorn can be moulded into different shapes and has a round and smooth surface. Made with the finest grade of plastic, this immersive toy is durable, flexible and thick. 

🌈Available in various colours - You can now pick a unicorn in your favourite colours, ranging from blue, pink, purple and white.


PS- These toys are not edible and are meant for entertainment purposes only. We do not make any medical claims through our products. These toys will last long only if treated with care. Avoid biting, chewing, stretching and destroying the toy.

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