Stretchy String Fidget Sensory Noodle Toy Party Favor

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😌Relaxing and calming effect - Helps calm down in anxiety-inducing circumstances like car rides or aeroplane journeys, as well as for people with ADD/ADHD, OCD, autism, and just about everyone searching for something to focus on.

🐍Stretchy and immersive texture - Easy to pull, twirl, squeeze and throw, fidget sensory noodles are your go-to toys for playing all day.

🟦🟥🟩🟪Available in vivid colours - The sensory noodle toys are available in a range of colours that can add visual appeal on top of their playful qualities.


🧩Stimulate creativity - Bending and stretching the noodle toys into different shapes and sizes can help stimulate your child’s creativity and imagination.

 Random Colours 

PS- These toys are not edible and are meant for entertainment purposes only. We do not make any medical claims through our products. These toys will last long only if treated with care. Avoid biting, chewing, stretching, and destroying the toy.

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