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Enhance your mood with the soft and fluffy slime that smells like heaven and feels like love.

Cloud cream slimes are a special kind. Its fragrance is so enticing that it will fill the air with happiness once you start playing. You can add charms, beads, glitter, fimo slices and more to make a creative DIY slime. Our cloud cream slime collection will surely make your day better. Explore our slimes now to bring a smile to your face.

Benefits of Cloud Clear Slime

Slime is not just a fun alternative to video games but it also has amazing benefits!

  • The silky and smooth texture provides a sense of satisfaction.

  • Cloud clear slime is widely liked because of its stress relieving properties. 

  • Improves motor skills and enhances focus.


cloud cream slimes

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cloud cream slimes

Amazing Mental Health Benifits & Helps one focus

cloud cream slimes

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Answers to Frequently 

asked questions

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What is cloud cream?

Cloud slimes are fluffier and softer than regular slimes. They are made from instant snow powder. They form soft strings that can again melt back into their fluffy form when stretched. 

How is it different from other types of slime?

Compared to regular slime, there are several differences in cloud slimes. First of all, the texture and appearance of cloud slimes are not smooth but somewhat granular. Moreover, when you let regular slime free fall, it flows like a waterfall. But cloud slimes appear more like snow.

What are the benefits of using cloud cream?

  • The texture is satisfying to play with
  • It has significant stress relieving properties
  • Easy to make at home
  • Great to improve motor skills

What are some examples of projects that can be done with cloud cream slime?

Cloud slimes are great to play with. But you can also use it in several productive activities. For example, you can provide children with cloud slime making kits. Then you can instruct them to use their creativity to create unique cloud slimes. Another activity that you can do is organising cloud slime themed parties. You and your friends can have fun playing with the slimes and sharing your ideas.

What are variations of cloud cream?

Cloud cream slimes come in a variety of textures and colours. These are:

  • Blue Heaven Milkshake
  • Hot chocolate and marshmallow
  • Fairy floss cake

Why should I use cloud cream over other types of slimes?

The unique texture of cloud slime makes playing with it extra satisfying. It has an exceptional powdery texture that falls like snow. These slimes also have a fragrance to scent the air with a pleasant smell. These properties make it highly pleasing and reduce stress and anxiety effectively.