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An exciting gift for slime lovers. Explore our colourful and awesome party flavours slime collection.

Are you in for some glittery, slimy, and gooey fun? Our enticing party flavours bring lovely aesthetics to the fun hours of your slime playtime. Our birthday themed slime collections are second to none when it comes to fun. Try fairy floss cake, red velvet, goodie bag, sprinkle spree, cookie & cream, and more to take the slime party to the next level.

Benefits of Party Favours

Brighten up any occasion with our party favours.

  • Ideal gifting option for a party. Also available in several flavours.

  • Loved by every age group, from kids to adults.

  • Slime being a sensory toy, releases tension and promotes mindfulness. 


We Use The Best Ingredients To Make Our Slimes!

Amazing Mental Health Benifits & Helps one focus

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Answers to Frequently 

asked questions

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What are slime party favours?

Slime party favours are a thank you gift given to guests as a thank you gesture for attending the party. It is most often offered at a slime-themed party.

What are the benefits of slime party favours?

Party favours are gifts given to guests as a token of appreciation for attending your party. The benefits of using slime as a party favour are:

  • Ideal option as a party favour.
  • It is suitable for both adults and children.
  • Great to help children focus.
  • Aids with fine motor skills.
  • It helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

What is the current trend in party favours?

DIY gifts are a popular choice for party favours nowadays. Slimes are one of the most accessible and affordable products made at home. It is fun to craft, and by using a variety of additional accessories, you can give it a brand new look. Moreover, playing with slimes has several benefits

What are some of the most popular slime party favours?

There are several slime party favours available in the market. But among them, the most popular ones are fairy floss cakes, red velvet, goodie bag, sprinkle spree and cookie and cream.

How can slime party favours be used?

You can use Slime Party Favours to organise a slime-themed party. You can either provide your guests with already prepared slimes to enjoy the party or provide your guest with the necessary materials to create slimes. Everyone can enjoy their time while making slimes and sharing their creative ideas.

Is there any way to make your slime party favours?

Making customised slime party favours is possible. Aussie Slime provides slime making materials in bulk. You can then create your slime with properties and features. Add beads or make it fluffy.