Blue Cool Aid DIY Slime


Type: Blue Metallic Jelly slime 
DIY:  White Ice slime 
Scent: Blueberry 
Fimo: White glitter 

Introducing our Blue Cool Aid DIY slime, a mesmerising concoction for all slime enthusiasts out there!  Get your creative juices flowing as you whip up this DIY delight to make your very own white Ice slime masterpiece. 

And oh, the scent! It's a burst of juicy blueberry goodness that'll make your senses dance. To give a dazzling finishing touch, we have sprinkled some magical white glitter fimo that adds a touch of sparkle to your creations. 

So, grab your mixing bowl and let your imagination run wild with Blue Cool Aid DIY – the coolest way to have a blast with slime. Create, squish, and stretch your way to endless slime excitement! 

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