Cheat Week DIY Butter Slime Kit

Type: DIY Slime

The new Cheat Week DIY is the 😍perfect creamy slime to play with to engage your creative senses. With the sweet scent   of black raspberry and vanilla and butter slime's ultimate soft, fluffy texture. Top it off with a colourful waffle🧇 piece, and voila! You’ll have yourself some slimy delight!

Finish the DIY slime with a waffle clay piece and have the ultimate ASMR experience!

Type of Slime: Thick White Butter Slime

Scent: Black Raspberry and Vanilla

Colour: White

Diy: Florescent Pink and Florescent Yellow Waffle Piece

Fimo: Butterfly


  • Boosts creativity and imagination
  • It helps develop new skills and makes way for healthy habits

Emotional Benefits-

  • It helps relieve stress with its sensory texture
  • Stimulates the senses

Our slimes include:

Buy 1 slime and Get -

  • 1 Activator Pen

Buy 2-4 slimes and Get -

  • 1 Activator Pen
  • 1 Small Borax Pouch (1 tsp)

Buy 5+ slimes and get -

  • 2 Activator Pens
  • 1 Borax Pouch

Click here to buy our Fixer Upper Kit.

Play level: Beginner

P.S. Suitable for age 3+. Slime is strictly not edible

Warning: Small parts of the slime pose a risk of choking hazard

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