Cookie Monster Cupcake DIY Butter Slime


Texture: Blue Butter Slime 

DIY: Cupcake 

Fimo : Cookie Monster 

Fragrance : Sugar Cookie

Are you ready for a wild and wacky adventure? Our Cookie Monster Cupcake DIY has got you covered! This soft and stretchy slime is the perfect base for stimulating your ASMR delight and the sugary fragrance adds to the vibe.

Don’t take our words for it- experience its uniqueness yourself.


  1. Provides a fun and creative outlet for expressing your baking skills.
  2. Decorating your cupcake adds a playful and imaginative element to your crafting.

Emotional Benefits:

  1. The buttery texture of the slime can provide a calming sensory experience for relaxation.
  2. The sweet fragrance can evoke feelings of comfort and warmth, creating a cosy and welcoming atmosphere.

P.S Suitable for age 3+, Slime is strictly not edible

Warning: Small parts of the slime pose a risk of choking hazard.

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