Coral Sea (Limited Batch of 21 slimes)


Texture: Clear frogspawn beads

Fimo : Sea shells fimos (glow in the dark)

Scent: NA

Don’t miss out on our limited batch of Coral Sea Slime! As you dive into the mesmerising clear frogspawn beads, you'll discover a secret treasure—the shimmering glitters from Glitz Your Life! With every squeeze and stretch, these glitters twinkle like sunlit diamonds, turning your slime into a mesmerising underwater spectacle. 

So, let the waves of creativity wash over you as you explore the depths of the ocean and indulge in the iridescent magic of Glitz Your Life glitter!

Free AUS Wide

Shipping Over $75

High Quality


Super Strechy

& Relaxing



Proudly Australian


Handcrafted with

Love In Melbourne

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