DIY Butter Slime-Glitter Bubblegum


Glitter Bubblegum DIY- Clay

This is one of my favourite slime which has been inspired by Bubblegum flavour ice cream. This butter slime comes with 3 colour combination of pink, purple and blue. Top up the slime with our 3 colour DIY Clay Bubblegums with glitter. This slime is perfect for the beginners as its super soft and stretchy. When mixed all together the slime will inflate and will have pops and cracks.

Texture: Butter slime 

Colour : Purple, Neon Pink and Neon Blue

Size: 6oz

Scent: Bubblegum

DIY: 1 Pink,1 Blue and 1 Purple round bubblegum with glitter made out of soft clay


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Super Strechy

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