DIY Snow Fizz Slime - Victoria Sponge Cake Slime


This Super Sizzly Snow fizz slime is a mixture of thick & glossy & clear slime. It makes satisfying sounds and due to fake snow in the slime it a joy to play with. The slime has 3 layers which is a fun DIY aspect of the slime. Hours of fun guaranteed! 


It's a perfect super fun sensory activity, plenty of DIY satisfaction & joy. 


Texture: Snow Fizz

Colour : Starts as cream & turns into peach

Size: 6oz 

Scent: Vanilla Butter Cream

Add Ons: 1OZ Strawberry Syrup

Add Ons: 1OZ Thick & Glossy Syrup

Add Ons: Strawberry Fimos 

Add Ons: 1 Big Strawberry Charm 

Comes with Sachet of Borax & Care sheet.  

✔️ Helps you relax
✔️ Soft, fluffy texture is fun to play with
Emotional benefits:
✔️ Soothes and relaxes you after a long day
✔️ Provides comfort and bring out your inner child

P.S Suitable for age 3+, Slime is not edible

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Super Strechy

& Relaxing



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