Fruit Loop Donut DIY Slime


Type: White Butter slime 
DIY: Yellow Donut Clay piece + fluorescent pink thick and glossy syrup
Scent: Fruit loops 
Fimo: fruit loops 


Introducing our Fruit Loop Donut DIY slime – a delightful twist of creativity and fun! Brace yourself for a white buttery bliss as you craft your very own sunny yellow doughnut masterpiece. 

It's like a fruity, fragrant adventure for your senses with the sweet scent of Fruit Loops swirling around. And guess what? We've added real Fruit Loop Fimo bits to make it even more amazing! 

Get ready to knead, stretch, and mould your way to a squishy sensation that's as sweet as can be. Hurry, grab a slice of this fruity fun before it's all gobbled up!

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