Glitter Bubblegum DIY Slime


Type: White thick and glossy floam slime 
DIY: Magenta pink gumball clay piece coated in white fine glitter 
Scent: Bubble gum 
Fimos: Rainbow sprinkles 

Hey there, Get ready for a wild ride with our Glitter Bubblegum – DIY slime! It's like a fluffy cloud of fun in a jar. Inside, you'll find super cool magenta-pink gumball clay pieces having a glitter party, surrounded by a sea of white sparkles. 

And guess what? It smells just like your favourite bubblegum! But hold on, it gets even better! We've sprinkled in some cute rainbow fimos, like a confetti explosion, to make your slime extra rad. 

Now, it's your turn to be the slime scientist and create your very own slime masterpiece. Because it’s not just a slime, it's your VIP ticket to slimy adventures and giggles galore! Let's get slimming!

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