Grimace Shake DIY Halloween Slime


Type- Purple butter slime
DIY- Whip cream clay piece that users can add themselves on top and a paper straw
Fimo- Purple and black Fimo 
Scent- Black orchid and ginger

Get ready to stir up some spooktacular fun with our Grimace Shake! This slime-tastic creation is like a purple potion for your senses. It's not just slime; it's a DIY slime adventure that will leave you cackling with delight. 

But here's the fun part: we give you a whipped cream clay piece to put on top all by yourself! It's like decorating a Halloween treat. And to make it even cooler, we've added some purple and black crumbs to make it extra spooky, transforming your Halloween into a hauntingly good time. 

So, get your hands on Grimace Shake and have a blast creating your own creepy, gooey masterpiece for the Halloween season! It's slime-tastic fun you won't want to miss.

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