Valentine Crunch DIY Slime


 Texture: Light pink floam slime 

DIY: White heart shape cloud slime

Fimo: Heart fimo 

Scent: Sugar fairy 

No more awkward dates, create squishy love! Valentine Crunch lets teens express themselves through slime. Build pink floam, personalize with heart clouds, & enjoy calming squishes. Stress relief & love? Win-win! Gifts for teen girls that matter.

Dream up fluffy clouds and sprinkle them with love! This magical slime kit lets you whip up the cutest light pink floam slime and add fluffy heart-shaped clouds for a delightful surprise. 

Enjoy hours of entertainment with charming heart-shaped fimo charms and a sweet sugar fairy scent that’s sure to transport you to a world of rainbows and happiness with every squish. 

Not just fun; it's relaxing too! Squishing and stretching the slime is like giving yourself a hug from the inside out, helping you calm down and feel happy. This kit is the perfect gift for any child who loves slime, crafts, and a little slice of magic. Order now and make someone's day (or your own!) with this dreamy DIY cloud slime experience!


  • Not suitable for children under 3 years.
  • Slime is not edible.
  • Keep away from pets.

Our slimes include:

Buy 1 slime and Get - 

  • 1 Activator Pen

Buy 2-4 slimes and Get -

  • 1 Activator Pen
  • 1 Small Borax Pouch (1 tsp)

Buy 5+ slimes and get -

  • 2 Activator Pens
  • 1 Borax Pouch (1 tsp)

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