Wednesday Milkshake Crunchy DIY Bingsu Slime

Type: DIY Slime

Meet the Queen of woes in pure 😋 ASMR joy. Wednesday🖤 Adams is bringing her woeful slime to your home. Enchanted by black orchid and ginger fragrance, Wednesday Milkshake DIY is a black, horror-themed clear bingsu slime that aims to bring out the spooky play-child in you.

TEXTURE: Black Clear Bingsu Slime

FRAGRANCE: Black Orchid and Ginger

ADD-ONS: 1oz Red Jelly Slime

Fimos: Halloween Fimos


  • Excellent gift option for Wednesday lovers
  • Experience ultimate ASMR delight
  • A satisfying blend of horror and fun


  • Stimulates your senses with its crunchy and poke-worthy texture. 
  • It helps relieve stress and anxiety with satisfying ASMR sounds.

All slime orders comes with a care sheet and slime activator pen for maximum efficiency.

Play Level: Beginner

P.S. Suitable for age 3+. Slime is strictly not edible

Warning: Small parts of the slime pose a choking hazard risk.

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