Aroma Play: De-stress Slime Bundle


Product Details:

1. Calm Slime 
2. Embrace Slime 
3. Balance Slime


Melt away everyday stress with Aroma Play De-stress! This essential oil-infused trio isn't just slime, it's a multi-sensory escape. Breathe deep and let calming scents of rose, lavender, sweet orange, and frankincense wash over you as you squish, stretch, and knead away stress. Each slime caters to your mood - unwind with calming florals, find focus with uplifting citrus, or awaken your senses with invigorating peppermint. Discover your zen and transform playtime into a stress-busting ritual with Aroma Play: De-Stress!

Our slimes include:

Buy 1 slime and Get - 

  • 1 Activator Pen

Buy 2-4 slimes and Get -

  • 1 Activator Pen

  • 1 Small Borax Pouch (1 tsp)

Buy 5+ slimes and get -

  • 2 Activator Pens

  • 1 Borax Pouch (1 tsp)

    Click here to buy our Fixer Upper Kit.
    Click here to buy our Slime Activator Pens.


  • Enhance focus and concentration with stimulating essential oils.
  • Uplift mood and reduce anxiety with calming scents!
  • Help improve sleep quality for a restful night.
  • Fun and calming activity for a stress-relieving self-care moment.
  • Experience a unique and aromatic combo of essential oils and satisfying slime textures.
  • Ideal for personal use or gifting.


  • Not suitable for children under 3 years.
  • Slime is not edible.
  • Keep away from pets
  • Slime name only suggests experience of the essential oils infused and does not guarantee any health benefits.

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