Cinnamon Roll Pudding DIY Slime


Product Details:

Texture: Light blue Ice slime 

DIY: Pink Cinnamon roll and yellow syrup 

Fimo : Golden glitter 

Scent: Christmas Pudding 


Are you a cinnamon bun lover? Squish the yummiest Easter treat ever with our DIY Cinnamon Roll Pudding Slime! Dive into a cool, light blue ice slime base, smooth as soft serve ice cream. 

Then, add the adorable pink cinnamon roll pudding clay piece, shaped like a fluffy cinnamon roll. Don't forget the to drizzle in the yellow syrup slime for a burst of sweet, gooey goodness. This slime smells just like Grandma's Christmas pudding, but way cooler!

Ready to turn Easter gathering into a pudding party? Share your slimes, mix and match toppings, and create the most magical cinnamon roll masterpieces ever! So, what are you waiting for? Grab your slime and get ready for some egg-cellent fun!


  • Ideal for personal use or gifting.
  • Creative fun for endless playtime joy!
  • Encourages sensory exploration in children.
  • Boosts fine motor skills development.
  • Provides stress-relief for all ages.
  • Enhances imaginative thinking and problem-solving.


  • Not suitable for children under 3 years.
  • Slime is not edible.
  • Keep away from pets.

Our slimes include:

Buy 1 slime and Get - 

  • 1 Activator Pen

Buy 2-4 slimes and Get -

  • 1 Activator Pen
  • 1 Small Borax Pouch (1 tsp)

Buy 5+ slimes and get -

  • 2 Activator Pens
  • 1 Borax Pouch (1 tsp)

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