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Add ons like slime beads make slime completely satisfying. These beads bring a poppy and crunchy look and feel to the slime texture. It is an excellent option to bulk up on your stock if you like to add beads to every slime you play with. These beads will make your experience more creative and fun. We would love for you to be innovative and create a culture of playing with slime. You can also use our slime beads in arts and craft projects. 

Benefits of Slime Beads

Everything that we sell is beneficial in some or the other way. Even slime beads can be advantageous in the following ways-

  • They add an extra fun element to your slime.

  • The crunchy sound that it makes is like a melody for our ears.

  • Slime beads are inexpensive and easily available at Aussie slime co!


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Answers to Frequently 

asked questions

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How to get foam beads out of slime?

To get the foam beads out of a slime, you need to make the slime a bit hard by adding more borax. Then, pull the slime apart continuously, and the beads will fall. Finally, collect the beads in a container or bowl.

How do foam beads work?

Foam beads are used to make several types of DIY slimes. Foam beads add a crunchy texture to the slime. 

What are some uses for foam beads?

Apart from their use in slimes to make them crunchy and beady, foam beads have several other uses. They are used in bean bag chairs, pet beds, pillows, cushions, and more.

How to make foam bead slime?

The recipe for making foam bead slime is - 

  • Take a large bowl.
  • Add one cup of water.
  • Add one cup of clear glue.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of contact lens cleaning solution.
  • Add colouring.
  • Add the beads provided in the Aussie Slime packet.
  • Knead and stir well.
  • Use borax to activate and reactivate bingsu slime.

Where to buy floam beads for slime?

At Aussie Slime Co, floam beads are included with the DIY slime package. You don’t need to buy the floam beads separately. Simply select any floam beads slime, add to cart, and pay. 

How do colour foam beads for slime?

You can colour foam beads for slime by mixing them with acrylic paint in a bowl. Pre coloured beads come with Aussie Slime products.